WeatherAI wants to develop a second generation of AI analytics, more portable and scalable than the first-generation ones, trained on optimized datasets.

Video Super-Resolution

Video streaming is now ubiquitous and fundamental for numerous business applications, including web streaming, remote sensing and satellite monitoring. Current efforts are being made into designing new video codecs that can reduce the bitrate required for storage and transmission of high-quality videos.


To enable a variety of big data applications, the market needs highly efficient data management technologies: satellite data are notoriously big, raising challenges not only from the perspective of analytic applications, but also to be efficiently stored and retrieved.

AyraDB was designed to address these challenges.


Industrial organisations involved ARIANET is a consultancy company whose purpose is to contribute to the understanding of processes involving pollutants in the atmosphere. ARIANET’s tools are aimed at meteorological reconstruction, treatment of emissions and simulation of processes involving pollutants in […]