ENI is a multinational company founded in 1953 by the Italian State under the leadership of Enrico Mattei, its first President. The company is engaged in sectors such as oil, natural gas, chemicals, production and marketing of electricity and energy […]

Leonardo Company

Leonardo Company is one of the global players in the high technology sectors, and one of the leading global players in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors. Based on the dual application of technologies, Leonardo Company designs and manufactures products, […]


Dompé is one of the main Italian biopharmaceutical companies and is engaged in the primary care sectors, i.e. drugs available in pharmacies, as well as supplements and medical devices, and biotech, i.e. therapies for the treatment of rare diseases for […]

Associazione Big Data

Big Data Association deals with the pillars of the digital society: HPC (High Performance Computing), big data analysis, deep and machine learning. In this way, it forms the link between these pillars and their applications, and their impact, in daily […]


BI-REX (Big Data Innovation & Research Excellence) is a competence center established by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2018. Its focus is on big data, its mission to support companies in their technological innovation processes. The nature of BI-REX […]


CINECA is a non-profit Interuniversity Consortium founded in 1969 to allow the university world to have powerful computers for scientific computing. The four universities that gave it life, together with MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), were joined by […]

Castiel & EuroCC

The Coordination and Support Action (CSA) CASTIEL leads to cross-European networking activities between National Competence Centres (NCCs) in HPC-related topics addressed through the EuroCC project. CASTIEL emphasises training, industrial interaction and cooperation, business development, raising awareness of HPC-related technologies and […]

EuroCC Italy

The EuroCC-Italy National Competence Center is focused on providing training, news, events and more about technologies and knowledge in the HPC, HPDA and AI fields, offering an open service platform to facilitate access to:     certified training material, online and […]