What is EuroCC Italy?

EuroCC Italy is a competence center that deals with technology transfer to the industrial world. Within the project, the Italian Center is part of the EuroHPC Competence Centers Network consisting of thirty-three competence centers, one for each European country. The long-term objectives of EuroCC Italy are to structure and strengthen the collaboration between research groups and institutes, HPC data centers and companies, to support SMEs in innovation projects and to create awareness about the productive advantages possible through the use of the different solutions in the HPC / HPDA / AI field.

Support for innovation

One of the aims of the project is to support innovation in the national industrial set-up, especially within Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, making them aware of the potential offered by the most modern technologies in the field of supercomputing (HPC), big data analysis ( HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI). Through specific technological support actions, the Italian Competence Center allows companies to test enabling technologies and then apply them to the real production system, thus making them more competitive and able to innovate their products.


The National Competence Center (NCC) has developed different levels of training for companies in the HPC / HPDA / AI field to provide highly specialized skills to companies with the aim of keeping up with the rapid evolution of industrial processes with a view to to innovate products and services.

In addition to training courses, the project includes internship programs dedicated to and to young people to give them the opportunity to develop professional skills in the HPC field.

Here the program of the courses.

What are EuroCC Access and Castiel?

EuroCC Access is the common access portal of all National Competence Centers (NCCs), which provides a map of each person’s skills and activities in the HPC / HPDA / AI field and constitutes a meeting place for the exchange of best practices, guidelines, success stories between the different NCCs and within which the different National Competence Centers can activate strong collaborations supported by the Coordination and Support Actions dictated by the CASTIEL project, in order to fill existing gaps in HPC skills and promote collaboration across Europe.

Upcoming courses and events

The Fortissimo Project

Success Stories

The Fortissimo Project

The FF4EuroHPC Project is the third edition of the successful Fortissimo project series. It started at the beginning of September 2020 and will last three years.

HPC as Industry Enabler


HPC as Industry Enabler

Leonardo as HPC User In the EuroCC project, Leonardo participates as a third party in the Italian National Competence Center EuroCC-Italy. Leonardo leverages the competences learned with the Davinci-1 HPC to provide support and training to companies in Italy and, in




The most advanced center of competence aimed at fighting the coronavirus by combining the best supercomputing resources, and AI up to clinical validation.

The National Competence Center (NCC) EUROCC Italy in support of pharmaceutical research


The National Competence Center (NCC) EUROCC Italy in support of pharmaceutical research

Within the National Competence Center (NCC) EuroCC Italy, funded by the European project EuroCC Access, a program has been activated for the development and promotion of High Performance Computing (HPC) tools, advanced simulation and high data analysis. performance in order to promote innovation in industry and the public sector at the national level.

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At the heart of EuroCC Italy we find Italian excellence in the field of high technology. Six National Competence Centers give life to the project thanks to their expertise and long history of activities in the field of supercomputing, artificial intelligence and training.

Who they are? Let’s find out together:


National Centers


Active Projects


Upcoming Courses


Cities Involved