HPC as Industry Enabler

Leonardo as HPC User

In the EuroCC project, Leonardo participates as a third party in the Italian National Competence Center EuroCC-Italy.

Leonardo leverages the competences learned with the Davinci-1 HPC to provide support and training to companies in Italy and, in particular, in the Liguria region.

HPC is a central support infrastructure to improve the business of all kinds of companies, from the small SME that changes and speeds up its algorithms, to the large company that manages to improve existing processes and create fertile ground for the creation of completely innovative solutions.

Considering the wide portfolio of products and services built and developed by Leonardo, HPC has proven to be useful in different scenarios and different sectors. The function of HPC is twofold:

  • it makes available large proprietary computing power, removing limits on the processing power used by internally developed algorithms and codes;
  • it allows centralized computing capacity for the entire company to make the most of the expertise of engineers and researchers.

Within the company, HPC and cloud computing have allowed to design and develop innovative solutions in the fields of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation of complex systems and Optimization of parallel code. One of the main aspects Leonardo will focus on in the coming years thanks to HPC technology is the “Digital Twin“.

The availability of an accurate and predictive virtual twin of the processes within Leonardo is also fundamental to predict the effect of a change of state, intended or unintended (e.g. due to altered environmental conditions), to avoid malfunctions, to reduce production and operating costs, by virtue of preventive actions, to make what if evaluations, to train operators, etc…

The main element in developing a digital twin are:

In order for a Digital Twin to be realized, it requires large amounts of data, an adequate computational infrastructure, specific software and, above all, transversal competences, ranging from the real system expert, to the process and design engineer, to the computer scientist for software writing and data management, to the mathematician or physicist for models, to the computational infrastructure expert.

This innovation is enabled within Leonardo by the davinci-1 HPC, which enables the computational power needed to develop and execute the software, manage and process the massive amount of data,

and compute the solutions to the various mathematical and artificial intelligence models needed to create the digital twin.

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Leonardo & EuroCC

Leonardo is part of the EuroCC project to provide support to SMEs with the skills and training provided by researchers who use the HPC davinci-1 on a daily basis.

As a leading technology company in Italy, Leonardo supports the country-ecosystem trying to enable and encourage the use of High Performance Computing to local companies so that they can have a competitive advantage in their sector.

Thanks to the collaboration created with the technological hub of SIIT in Genoa, it has been possible to provide training courses on HPC to various SMEs in the area that would otherwise have difficulty in getting in touch with the national competence centers.

The training courses range from the management of HPC infrastructure, to modeling and parallelization of code with GPUs, to the creation of Big Data systems based on Cloud Computing, to the development and training of Artificial Intelligence models using HPC.

Leonardo avails itself of the strong support of CINECA for the diffusion of these technologies as a leader for years and a national competence center.

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