Success stories

One of the main objectives of the project is to support companies, in particular small-medium enterprises, to understand:

  • the return on investment in innovation projects,
  • become familiar with technology transfer measures and with financing initiatives towards innovation through HPC / HPDA / IA technologies.

At the same time, it is important to increase and share this awareness also with the public sector, to increase the effectiveness of policies and funding initiatives at national and local level in the field of HPC / HPDA / AI technologies.

In order to create this awareness it is important to share the so-called Success Stories experienced by various companies which have bet on the successful application of HPC / HPDA / AI technologies in their business processes, investing money to implement new technologically advanced production processes, or they have participated in collaborative initiatives with companies / computing centers (such as the Fortissimo projects) which have given them the opportunity to experiment with these new technologies, experiences in which a clear return on this investment (ROI) has been demonstrated.

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