One of the aims of the project is to support innovation in the national industrial set-up, especially within small and medium-sized national enterprises, making them aware of the potential offered by the most modern technologies in the HPC / HPDA / IA field and helping them to develop a production system capable of working by applying such technologies.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to create industrial interaction, both at national and European level. In particular, through CASTIEL, the goal is to coordinate the exchange between the different NCCs of best practices for a fruitful interaction between companies, and with regard to the services they can offer.

To do this, the planned activities are:

  • Implement a working group to identify and catalog the current state of the art of industrial interaction in the HPC / HPDA / IA sectors
  • Identify some business associations together with NCCs, which could contribute to this action, in the respective countries
  • Support NCCs in connecting with business associations at national and European level.

Another objective is to identify the relevant projects for NCCs and organize the interaction between these and other initiatives and projects that are active or to be activated (eg Prace, Fortissimo). To this end, the activities to be implemented are:

  • Identify other European initiatives and projects that can support NCCs in fulfilling their missions and outline possible ways of interacting.
  • Establish links between the NCC and the identified European initiatives.
  • At last, each NCC will have to develop services for the industry, with the aim of facilitating transnational access to the most relevant sectoral skills proposed by the NCC network for businesses, for which the local Competence Center cannot offer support.

To support SMEs, the Italian Competence Center can count on:

HPC skills and infrastructures available in CINECA (including M100, Galileo100, ADA Cloud) – MARCONI A3 – DAVIDE), including the pre-exaascale Leonardo system ;

The scientific network in computational sciences and the long experience in European projects of Big Data Association (ABD) 

The BI-REX network, within which it is possible to find trade associations and innovation services, to reach SMEs in the manufacturing sector;

Experiences by large Italian companies such as Eni, Dompé and Leonardo, which have a long expertise in the use and application of HPC, HPDA and AI, in their research and business processes.

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