The Competence Center was established to support innovation in the national industrial set-up, especially within small and medium-sized enterprises by making them aware of the potential offered by the latest technologies in High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and helping them develop a production system capable of applying them.

EuroCC Italy helps businesses to:

  • Understand the return on investment in innovation projects;
  • Familiarize with technology transfer measures and funding initiatives for innovation through HPC and HPDA technologies;
  • Enable efficient use of HPC resources.

The services that the Competence Center makes available to companies

Funding opportunities

Supporting companies to orient them toward funding opportunities related to innovative projects in HPC/HPDA/AI


Consulting to help companies identify and implement the most appropriate innovative technologies for their research and innovation activities

Proof of concept

Technological and scientific support for the realization of Proof of Concept lasting up to one year to develop innovative projects

Digital twins

Scientific support for the realization of predictive real physical process digital twin, from a "test before invest" perspective.

Data lake

Smart repositories that are made available to companies to store multi-format big data and analyze it flexibly and quickly.


Training courses at different levels to raise awareness of development opportunities related to new technologies or even tailored to the needs of individual enterprises.

The benefits of HPC technologies cross-cutting across all industries

Computational speed

Very complex analyses, models, and simulations in rapid time, also referred to as “real time” analysis.

Cost reductions

Anticipate adverse events by reducing production time; optimize research and study by reducing prototyping time and cost (test before invest)

Architectural flexibility

Ability to upgrade and add new components; use Cloud solutions to connect services to a supercomputer





Oil & Gas


Digital humanities


Space economy


Do you already have an innovative project in mind?
Do you want to understand what the applications of these new technologies could be to your company's production processes?

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To support SMEs, the Italian Competence Center can count on:

  • HPC expertise and infrastructure available in CINECA (including Marconi100, Galileo100, ADA Cloud) , including the pre-exascale Leonardo HPC system;
  • IFAB‘s experience in initiating projects and accelerating SME technology transfer;
  • BI-REX network, to initiate and consolidate technology transfer of industry 4.0 and as business development high-tech projects;
  • The firsthand experiences of large Italian companies such as Dompé and Leonardo Company, which have long experience in using and applying HPC, HPDA and AI, in their research and business processes.

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