The National Competence Centers, in order to keep up with the rapid evolution of industrial processes and services and to respond to the growing need for highly specialized training that companies of all sizes have to face on a daily basis, has developed three levels of training for companies :

  •      “Curiosity and Interest”: is the first approach to HPC, HPDA and AI technologies
  •      “High performance innovation”: aims to provide company personnel with skills on the technologies to be applied in the innovation processes of services and products
  •      “Fieldwork”: internship program for young people to give them the opportunity to develop skills by participating in the projects of the competence center.

The first level events, which represent the first approach to these innovative technologies, will be carried out in collaboration with other training institutions, even within existing training courses. 

The second level courses, aimed at satisfying specific training needs, will be carried out according to the needs emerging from the national mapping of skills or from specific courses carried out with the companies that will be protagonists of the innovation projects.

Finally, the internship program will allow young graduates or doctoral students to deepen their knowledge of HPC / Big data / AI technologies by working on the projects developed within the competence center.

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