The EuroCC Italy project was created to strengthen collaboration between research groups and institutes, HPC computing centers and companies, to support SMEs in innovation projects and create awareness about the productive advantages possible through the use of different solutions in the areas of supercomputing (HPC), big data analytics (HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

EuroCC Italy is part of the EuroHPC Competence Center Network, consisting of thirty-three competence centers, one for each European country, which can exchange knowledge, experience, use cases and success stories of different applications in HPC/HPDA/AI. Starting from the business needs of the industry, the competence centers offer their users resources and expertise to set up Proof of Concept in order to evaluate the effectiveness of an HPC-based solution.

The EuroCC Italy National Competence Center is focused on providing business support, training, events, news and more regarding HPC, HPDA and AI technologies and knowledge, offering an open service platform to facilitate access to:

Certified training materials, online and on-site training programs;

Fieldwork opportunities for young researchers and professionals;

Expertise and support for innovation through HPC/HPDA/AI technologies and methodologies;

Proof of concept to assess the impact of technology on business and operations;

Computational resources;

Technology transfer actions between academia and industry.

EuroCC-Italy starts with constructive collaborations between industry and academia, and relies on gender equal spamming teams across generations, where people can express their knowledge, skills, and creativity and flourish new ideas from experience.
The open services platform through the EuroCC Italy National Competence Center is a scalable project in that it can be expanded with contributions from current partners and new ones from the national HPC/AI/HPDA ecosystem. Success stories from the proof-of-concept results will help support and raise awareness about the positive applications of HPC/HPDA/AI technologies to meet the needs of industry and people.

EuroCC & Castiel

CASTIEL was established with the aim of providing coordination and support among the various trans-European activities of the National Competence Centers (NCCs) addressed through the EuroCC project, especially in HPC-related areas. CASTIEL, seen as a Hub for the exchange of information and training activities, combines into a pan-European network, namely the National Competence Centers (NCCs) formed within EuroCC.

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The Partners

The pillars of EuroCC-Italy are the HPC expertise and infrastructure available in CINECA, including the pre-exascale Leonardo HPC system; Association Big Data scientific network of Research Centers and Universities; BIREX Network with trade associations, and innovation services, to reach SMEs in the manufacturing sector; companies such as Eni, Dompé and Leonardo Company who have a long experience in the use and application of HPC, HPDA and AI, in their research and business processes, eager to support innovations in SMEs belonging to their supply chain, and green economy, national and European ecosystem, through concrete application examples and requirements.